A history of canadian theatre

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Theatre of Canada

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The Canadian Theatre Review is the major magazine of record for Canadian theatre, committed to excellence in the critical analysis and innovative coverage of current developments in Canadian theatre, to advocating new issues and artists, and to publishing.

[End Page 46] To their devotees among scholars and archivists, theatre archives are thrilling repositories of raw stage history. Costume designs and union contracts, reviews and set renderings, grant applications and gas mileage records for leaky touring vehicles can all give vital clues about a vanished theatrical production, company, or artist.

A comprehensive survey of Canadian theatre history, including entries on theatres, plays, playwrights, actors, directors, designers, and critics, with commentaries on productions by academics and theatre practitioners.

Profiles are updated and amended for currency and accuracy. Hosted by Athabasca University. Join some of the cast and crew from Toronto Workshop Productions’ Ten Lost Years telling stories about rehearsing and creating the show that rocked Canadian theatre. Moderated by. Macdonald Heaslip Walkway of Theatre History Curated by Kate Barris The founding chair of Theatre Museum Canada, Herbert William Whittaker ( – ) helped shape and promote Canadian theatre as a critic, mentor, set and costume designer, director, author, collector, visionary, advocate and friend.

Canadian Theatre History is a kind of living history our cultural elders explaining how our theatres and drama have developed, and suggesting possible future directions." —Anton Wagner, Theatre Research in Author: Don Rubin.

A history of canadian theatre
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