Rosalia de castro

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Rosalía de Castro

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Despite all the difficulties she ran during her career, she was the moon of new themes and relationships in Iberian literature that demonstrated from the norm. Rosalía de Castro (Santiago de Compostela, España, - Padrón, id., ) Escritora española en lenguas castellana y gallega.

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Rosalia de Castro's biography and life dailywn.comía Rosalía Rita de Castro, better known as Rosalía de Castro (24 February – 15 July ), was a Galician romanticist writer and dailywn.comg in the G. My Spanish Love Welcome to My Spanish Love - soon to be the largest collection of Spanish love poems on the internet.

Rosalia de Castro

Here you can find short, inspirational, romantic poems and quotes in Spanish about life, love, and friendship, and a truly unique and special way to express your deepest feelings and say I love you, miss you, or am thinking of you, to your loved one.

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Rosalia de castro
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